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With the innovative software Opti.Tax.Doku, you are guided professionally to create a process documentation according to GoBD. Beside process documentation, you have a perfect tool to create your company’s data protection documents. Opti.Tax.Doku – Your first choice for creating uncomplicated process documentation.

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How does Opti.Tax.Doku help me?

Opti.Tax.Doku provides you with a structure – a roadmap – to ensure the principles for the proper management and storage of book keeping, records and documents in electronic form as well as data access (GoBD) within the framework of a procedural documentation.

How Opti.Tax.Doku works…

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General Data Protection Regulation

The DSGVO and the BDSG (new) will be effective on the 25th of May 2018. It replaces the previously applicable data protection law and causes a few changes. In order to conform with the new regulations, a systematic approach for companies is recommended. This is how Opti.Tax.Doku helps you:

* Data Protection: … as well as interview mode, live reporting and versioning as described in the VFD module.

GoBD Documentation Procedure

With Opti.Tax Doku, a process documentation can be created for each DV system from which the content, structure, process, and results of the DV-System process are fully and conclusively apparent. Opti.Tax.Doku process documentation provides taxonomies similar to the E-Bilanz. The procedural documentation taxonomies form a framework in which each requirement on the GoBD is explained and implemented.

* VFD …. as well as implementation, taxonomy framework and task management, as described in the module data protection.

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With Opti.Tax.Doku, you can easily create your next procedural documentation.



An Interview with Roland Oldenburg

In the interview with our software architect, you will find answers to the following questions: Why the new Opti.Tax.Doku module is so helpful when creating GoBD compliant data and how Opti.Tax users can benefit from our new module. Have fun watching the video!




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